La Festa del Barolo 2017

Upstairs at Del Posto, New York City

February 3 & 4, 2017


Join Antonio Galloni and Vinous for this special weekend celebration dedicated to the great wines of Barolo. Fifteen reference-point producers will be on hand to personally show their wines in a historic gathering of winemakers and consumers from around the world. Guests can look forward to an extraordinary wine and food experience.

Our 2012 Barolo: Grace Under Pressure tasting will be held in La Festa’s traditional masterclass format, while the Gala Dinner is the perfect opportunity to share older bottles or large formats with fellow guests. As always, the focus is on education and conviviality, with a few twists thrown into the mix.

Gala Dinner

Friday, February 3, 2017, Upstairs at Del Posto, New York City

6:30pm reception. 7:00pm dinner

Seats are $850+tax per person.

Join fifteen of Barolo’s finest producers for what is sure to be an extraordinary dinner Upstairs at Del Posto, one of the most beautiful and iconic dining rooms in New York City. 

Each winemaker will pour two older vintages from their library at the BYOB Gala Dinner, where guests bring wines from their own cellars to share with their friends and fellow guests. A group talented sommeliers drawn from many of the country's top restaurants will oversee wine service. 

2012 Barolo: Grace Under Pressure Masterclass Tasting & Lunch

Saturday, February 4, 2017, Del Posto, New York City

10:30am – 12:30pm

Seats are $450+tax per person.

In the Saturday morning session, Antonio Galloni will moderate a seated masterclass tasting. The 2012 Barolo: Grace Under Pressure tasting tasting will explore the subtleties and nuances of Barolo's diverse microclimates through the wines of fifteen historic, reference-point producers. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask producers questions in a highly interactive, engaging setting.

Immediately following the tasting we will serve a light lunch Upstairs at Del Posto, during which guests will be able to continue enjoying the wines served during the masterclass tasting. Lunch will be served for guests attending 2012 Barolo: Grace Under Pressure masterclass tasting.

Attending Producers:

Fratelli Alessandria  

Tasting: 2012 Barolo Gramolere

Gala Dinner: 2008 Barolo Gramolere, 1995 Barolo Monvigliero 

Elio Altare

Tasting: 2012 Barolo Cannubi 

Gala Dinner: 2004 Barolo Arborina, 1990 Barolo Arborina 

G.B. Burlotto  

Tasting: 2012 Barolo Monvigliero 

Gala Dinner: 2004 Barolo Monvigliero, 2004 Barolo Cannubi


Tasting: 2012 Barolo Ginestra 

Gala Dinner: 2008 Barolo Sorì Ginestra, 2005 Barolo Sorì Ginestra

Giacomo Conterno  

Tasting: 2012 Barolo Francia 

Gala Dinner: 2010 Barolo Cerretta (Magnum), 1996 Barolo Riserva Monfortino 

Alessandro e Gian Natale Fantino

Tasting: 2012 Barolo Bussia-Cascina Dardi

Gala Dinner: 2008 Barolo Riserva Cascina Dardi - Bussia, 1998 Barolo Riserva Cascina Dardi - Bussia (Magnum), 1996 Barolo Riserva Cascina Dardi - Bussia (Magnum)

Elio Grasso

Tasting: 2012 Barolo Ginestra Casa Matè 

Gala Dinner: 2004 Barolo Gavarini Chiniera, 2001 Barolo Riserva Runcot


Tasting: 2012 Barolo Margheria 

Gala Dinner: 2010 Barolo Riserva Rionda, 1989 Barolo Riserva Rionda

E. Pira (Chiara Boschis)

Tasting: 2012 Barolo Cannubi

Gala Dinner: 2008 Barolo Cannubi, 2004 Barolo Cannubi

Francesco Rinaldi  

Tasting: 2012 Barolo Cannubi 

Gala Dinner: 2008 Barolo Brunate, 1964 Barolo

Giuseppe Rinaldi

Tasting: 2012 Barolo Brunate 

Gala Dinner: 2008 Barolo Brunate, 1993 Barolo Brunate 


Tasting: 2011 Barolo Pira Vecchie Viti 

Gala Dinner: 2010 Barolo Pira Vecchie Viti, 1996 Barolo Riserva Pira Etichetta Nera

Luciano Sandrone

Tasting: 2012 Barolo Cannubi Boschis 

Gala Dinner: 2001 Barolo Le Vigne, 1999 Barolo Le Vigne

G.D. Vajra

Tasting: 2012 Barolo Ravera 

Gala Dinner:  2011 Bricco delle Viole (1 Jéroboam - 3L), 2007 Bricco delle Viole (1 Jéroboam - 3L)


Tasting: 2012 Barolo Ravera

Gala Dinner:  1996 Barolo Rocche, 1985 Barolo Rocche

* The information above is correct as of January 24, 2017 and is subject to change. Watch this space for more details.