Everything we do is driven by a passion for the extraordinary diversity of the world’s finest wines and wine-producing regions. Wine is endlessly fascinating and magical. There is always something new to discover. Best of all, a glass at the dinner table stimulates friendship, camaraderie and conversation, all of which we value deeply.


From the beginning of my professional writing and tasting career I have valued editorial independence above all else.

Vinous has no commercial ties, direct or indirect, to any part of the wine trade[1]. We pay all of our expenses and do not accept sponsored trips or accommodation of any kind, a policy we have maintained since the creation of Piedmont Report in 2003. Occasionally we will share a working lunch or dinner with a winemaker if doing so helps save time during the day, something that can be an issue in places where wineries are separated by considerable distance. In those rare instances we insist on absolute simplicity.

Wine Is For Everyone

As much as we are grateful to taste many of the world’s most coveted wines, the truth is that wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be delicious. In House Favorites we feature high quality, reasonably priced wines for everyday drinking.

More Than Just Numbers

We spend just as much, if not more, time writing the text for each review and the accompanying producer commentaries than we do assigning numerical ratings. The written descriptions will tell you much more about a wine, its qualities and the style in which it is made than a number alone ever will.

Wine Is Ultimately About Education

Along with written reviews, our other content and initiatives such as video and events are conceived with the goal of delivering the highest level of educational value possible.

We Are First and Foremost Wine Lovers

Each year we buy a significant amount of wines we love. If we get a review wrong, nobody will be more disappointed than us.

We Are Here To Serve You

Vinous is a small business created for our subscribers. It is a pretty simple model. Tell us what you think. We are here to serve you and will always strive to make your experience with Vinous better

Giving Back

Working in wine and food is a privilege. We believe the true measure of success is helping those who are less fortunate. In that spirit, each year we support a number of charitable causes throughout the country. These are some of the charities we have supported over the last few years. 

Robin Hood Relief Fund

The Navy SEAL Foundation 

The Wine Advocate Endowed Scholarship Fund at the Culinary Institute of America 

The Mount Sinai Hospital

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation 

AFYA Foundation

-          Antonio Galloni

[1]  Marzia’s uncle owns a vineyard in Friuli that I review because it is a benchmark estate for the region. Full disclosure is always attached to reviews. Readers can decide for themselves if those reviews are helpful or not.