Summertime Drinking: Exploring Italy’s Finest Rosés

Rosé continues to be one of the fastest-growing categories of wine in Italy. The best wines are delicious, pair well with a variety of foods and typically offer outstanding quality for the money. Given the increasing focus on rosé, it also appears producers are putting more effort into making quality wines. It was just two years ago that I wrote my first piece on Italian rosés for this site. At the time, the state of affairs was pretty dreadful. Most wines were throwaways, and they tasted like it. Fast forward to 2009 and that is rarely the case anymore. Readers will find a wide array of terrific, high-quality rosés that capture the essence of the varietal and geographic diversity that is Italy’s strong suit. Of course, there are plenty of other wines that make for fine summertime drinking as well. A lighter-bodied red such as unoaked Chianti Classico, Barbera or Langhe Nebbbiolo - served slightly chilled - can be absolutely delicious during the warm summer months.