The Undiscovered Burgundy


Burgundy remains one of the most fascinating and alluring regions in the world. The ability of wines to convey a sense of place reaches its height of expression in these storied villages and vineyards. Sadly, prices in Burgundy have spiraled into the stratosphere over the last fifteen years or so and pushed a number of wines beyond the reach of many consumers. 

Domaine Chanterêves, Savigny-lès-Beaune

Although it is unquestionably thrilling to taste at Burgundy's top domaines, as a wine consumer myself, these days I find just as much pleasure in discovering emerging vignerons - the best of whom are making wines the average consumer can afford to buy and drink - as well as appellations that still fly under the radar and offer value. This article focuses on young, artisan domaines and some that have longer track records, but that work with appellations that fall a bit outside of the mainstream. In many ways, this is today’s 'real' Burgundy. As tempting as it is to look at numerical scores, I encourage readers to also take a look at the producer profiles and tasting notes. There isn't a single wine in this article I would not be delighted to have on my dinner table. 

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